Mia Wilkinson is a London based artist who makes awesome paintings where she applies oil paints wet on wet, and oh man are her paintings wet. Lapdance, Swingers, Triple Butty, Three Women in a Tub… are just some of her paintings’ titles. 

Mia is witty, sexual, humorous and very open. She likes to play around with the female figure and her ladies are usually very bodybuilder-like. There is also a lot of dripping going on, some dripping is caused by the paint itself but some is just a juicy drip - from you know where. But what I find the most interesting about her is that she is actually a personal trainer, I mean the girl is full of surprises! 

Please explain yourself… 
My name is Mia I live in London, I am an artist, I paint draw and collage mostly but I think observing is an art form in itself and I do a lot of that. 

What did you eat for breakfast? 
A protein smoothie with banana and oats and a large black coffee, today I also had some chocolate (I regret nothing). 

Do you make money with your profession, or you have to do something else to support yourself and do all that you do and what we know you about on ‘the side’? 
I am also a personal trainer and I work in the nightlife industry part time. Art is expensive but worth it. These jobs allow me to free up day time and also be flexible on my working hours, I did work in an office once and it was horrible. 

What did you want to be growing up? 
Always wanted to be an artist I was dating since I could pick up a pencil. 

What do you think you will be doing in your 80’s? 
I hope I will be painting. 

Your favorite city? 
From where I have been I would say London, I do love Hamburg and Amsterdam but I haven't been in a while, just have fond memories of them both as a child. 

Your favorite word? 

The most obnoxious celebrity? 
He is a Z lister but I would say Callum Best, you might not have even heard of him. 

What do you secretly fantasize about? 
Becoming a world class fighting champion or ninja assassin. 

Your hero? 
I don't have one that I can think of outright I love my grandparents they are the most heroic people to me. 

Silk or leather? 

Do you believe in love? 
Yes although I have never been in love yet. 

Do you care about politics? 
Yes and no, it's quite a hot topic to be aware about but all politics is kind of fabricated so it is too messy to care about too much. 

Current mood? 
I'm sat in the gallery where I am having my solo painting show so I'm very content but quite tired. 

What eye color do you find sexiest? 

Your favorite adult as a child? 
My grandparents. 

Most embarrassing moment from your school years? 
I don't really have a mortifying moment I can recall I think it was being teased about crushes they are the most embarrassing when you are in school. 

Pirates or ninjas? Why? 
Ninjas! They are so badass but you would never know it, I like the mystery underdog that has power and skill, pirates are too showy. 

If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get? 
I would really like a miniature pig. 

What was your favorite cartoon growing up? 
Simpsons, think it still is.