Egyboy flaibaaa (photo by RasaJ)

His work is simple, ironic, witty, fun, truthful, cool, amusing, playful, lively, entertaining… I mean, I could go on and on and on and on and on.

Egyboy is Art Cowboy. He is a Lithuanian-born and Australia-based artist, who is primarily known as an illustrator. He has a twin brother and he likes Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Karl Lagerfeld and Basquiat. He is the author of two books, Basta and My Flag is Back, which were published as a part of his exhibitions, and he describes his style as ‘Whateverism’.

His work can be found in a dizzying mix of places – either sprayed down dark alleyways or hanging proudly on gallery walls and anywhere from socks on feet to surfboards on waves. On watches, zines, t-shirts… Egyboy’s influence is truly global. In fact, it’s rumoured that iconic Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s following quote was inspired by Egyboy’s work - ‘You can hate me, you can love me, but you can’t ignore me’.

In the Warhol style of Q/A, short and witty, I asked Egyboy some silly things. Here is what we came up with.

Please explain yourself – what you do, who you are…
I do visual arts by artist name: EGYBOY. Street on the flaiba!! Don’t tell your neighbour. Like one expert in arts e-mailed: Your art marker drawings are fun, lewd, vivacious, weirdo, sharp, political, witty, 'in your face' ... and much, much more. All for one & one for all, more power.

What did you eat for breakfast?
I got influenced by Sydney culture. I do vegemite and avocado toast : ). But my favorite feel is porridge, sometimes sushi. When there is no time, then it’s just fruits. I don’t like hardcore breakfast : ).

Do you make money with your profession or do you have to do something else to support yourself and do all that you do and what we know you for on the side?
My profession is a designer (I have a master’s degree). I used to work (for 5 years) in advertising best companies as a creative head, but after financial crisis of 2007-08, I’ve changed my lifestyle! Now I live in Sydney, and my routine is less hectic… but based on go speed racer!!! GOOOOOOOO.
Very recently I’ve moved to my new studio (SQUARE 1 artists complex), so I can do everything here to support my art!! 
This is the most important thing to me - in my life. Sometimes sick collaborations are a good key to promote my art. I don’t mind casual random jobs as well. I like the idea of selling t-shirts, and posters in exhibitions. I’m lucky I have the most understandable manager: my twin brother - do_re_my - big UP! Together our goal is to expand family online art and fashion business label

What are your plans for the future?
I would like to have my own EGYBOY art factory. Also I’m learning tattooing.

What do you think you will be doing in your 80s? 
Something punk !

Your favorite city?
I like NY winters, but I have never been : ).

Your favorite word?
Pretty much or would be nice.

The most obnoxious celebrity?
Justin B_ _ _ _ r.

What do you secretly fantasize about?
I like the idea that I could embodied myself into stranger’s body, for a day or so? :)

Your hero?
Pierre Cardin, next Keith Haring, Jeff Koons… I have so many.

Silk or leather?

Do you believe in love?

Do you care about politics?
I wish to have more sharp-witted sense, but maybe one day?

Current mood?
Need some water. 

Be water my friend (Bruce Lee).

2013 / Egyboy exhibition " Art is Not Dead" / Lo-Fi Gallery, Sydney (photo by Anna Santangelo)

2012 / Egyboy exhibition " Markers, Bomber and Survival" / SMC/CAC Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius 
(photo by RasaJ)

twinpeaks Egyboy and do_re_my