Yahnker is brilliant in his cynicism, fact. He usually goes for large-scale drawings and uses humor as a platform for his social and political views that are later on very well transferred onto his paintings. If one had to describe his work in a few simple words, it’s just the obvious… it's engaging, amusing, erudite…. Yahnker is simply witty, comical and humorous. Plus he is such a fun interlocutor so this lil q/a was a real pleasure. 
Eric Yahnker is an L.A. born, raised and stationed artist. He received his B.F.A in animation from the California Institute of Art and studied journalism at the University of Southern California. Yahnker is a former South Park animator, he worked on the storyboard for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. He also directed Seinimation, a series of short animated bonus features on DVDs of Seinfeld’s last four seasons. 

Yahnker’s new solo show opening is only a few days away. 'Noah’s Yacht' opens Saturday, March 12, 5-8pm, at Zevitas Marcus in Los Angeles with all brand new works!  More info: www.zevitasmarcus.com 

Please explain yourself ….
I’m an overgrown garden gnome trafficking in smarty-pants jackassery.  I grew up in a weird pocket of L.A. where I was practically the only Jew in a land literally built around Christmas.  I started out a journalist, but through serendipitous fate found my way into an animation career.  After the entire animation industry decided to stop using pencils and paper, I decided to find a way to keep using them.  

What did you eat for breakfast?
Always cereal. 

Do you make money with your profession or do you have to do something else to support yourself and do all that you do and what we know you from on ‘the side?’
Unbelievably, I’ve been able to make a living making my art.  I’m just as amazed as everyone else.

What did you want to be growing up?
I certainly didn’t want to be bald, but that didn’t work out. 
I spent some time thinking I’d be an NFL quarterback, but my anemic condition had other plans.  Graduating high school, I thought it'd be pretty funny to be a local TV news anchor, and ended up at USC studying journalism, but partying ended up as my major and kind of got me kicked out of school.  Ultimately, if my Dad taught me anything, it was to never be an insurance agent.  

What do you think you will be doing in your 80’s? 
Probably watching Seinfeld re-runs on my implanted microchip brain scanner.

Your favorite city?
Since I’ve never lived anywhere else, I guess I’d have to say L.A.

Your favorite word?
“Shamone!"  Michael Jackson’s gibberish exclamation, but I’ve found it useful in a variety of linguistic capacities beyond its original intended usage.

The most obnoxious celebrity?
Donald Trump.  Actually, even more obnoxious would be any celebrity that would endorse and help his campaign.

What do you secretly fantasize about?
Having secret fantasies.

Your hero?
Baberaham Lincoln.

Silk or leather?

Do you believe in love?
100%.  Love is the only thing I’m not skeptical about.

Do you care about politics?
Obsessively.  It’s my premiere vice.

Current mood?
Go-gurt water slide.

What eye color do you find sexiest?
Cloudy glaucoma white.

Your favorite adult as a child? 
Colonel Sanders.

Most embarrassing moment from your school years?
My entire cystic acne era.  As a teen, I could’ve singlehandedly brought down the price of crude oil by wringing out my face.  I ended up taking Accutane until my entire body felt like the surface of a bowling ball.

Pirates or ninjas?
Ninjas.  Because anonymity and self-discipline are in short supply these days.

If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get?
Donald Trump’s hair.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
He-Man and Popeye.