Photo: Tadej Vaukman
Text: Katja Horvat


Photographer’s Tadej Vaukman new book chronicles his life that unfolds in the last seven years, with some literal “highs” and lows. 

Dick Skinners is a new book from Tadej Vaukman, a very vulgar photographer who is all about street and real. The book chronicles the last seven years of his life and is somehow a reminder for some things not to be done again, jet, on the other hand, a good indicator of what made him as a person and as an artist. 

On why he named his book Dick Skinners Vaukman says: Name really makes sense to me. I do consider myself as a serious and calm person these days, no matter the past. But I can not deny what happened, I mean I don’t even want to! So the destructive, uncontrollable wreck is still a big part of who I am, and you never know when it will come out again. But serious or not, fucked or not, I am still that same guy who gets thrilled by taking photos of a man shaving his penis. And as long as I see a point in this, I know I am on the right path. So that’s why the name. Or to put it in simple words: So that I don’t forget where I am from, you know!?”

Vaukman is one of those many kids whose parent divorce took a great toll on him. He is a high school drop out, who found his peace at his grandma's house and who found his squad in kids the same caliber than himself. 
“My gang of friends was just an old-school type of underground skaters and musicians, and they were so interesting that I wanted to document all the shit that went down in theirs – well our – daily routines.”

Dick Skinners is a wild documentation that has no limits. A great part of photography shown in the book Vaukman shoot while being totally intoxicated. “Alcohol was my soul food, well cocaine and speed as well. The more fucked up I felt after being high, the more I took. But taking photos while completely out of it, it’s cool! I always had that feeling of unlimited access to anything, I wasn`t thinking much and my approach of taking photos was rough and more direct, straightforward. There were a lot of sketchy situations, but I always convinced myself that I am in a movie. I saw everything as a scene, as something staged, and I was directing it, I was the one setting the tone.”

One of the situations that occurred while being high as a kite was his infamous shoot of a human pyramid: “I was hanging out at my friend's place and I just got this urge to get high. We found some "spaced out" homemade chocolate, which had the same effect like magic mushrooms, and we kind of ate way too much of it. I started to hallucinate pretty bad, and all of a sudden I got this idea of shooting my friends – naked - in a shape of the pyramid. Honestly, I can`t even remember how did it happen, but it did. I totally blanked out that night. Later on, while walking back home, I just remember not knowing in which country I was, but I still managed to get home.”

Tadej Vaukman is an artist coming from Slovenia. His first show was a D.I.Y. exhibition that he put on by himself. He squatted in an abandoned place in the old milk factory in Slovenia, photocopied photos and glued them on the wall after that thing hit off. He, later on, traveled to Germany, where he was touring the Good Kids project. Still, in the DIY mode he used houses, flats, basements and toilets for his show spaces. His first real gallery show was held in a gallery called PlemPlem. Since then Vaukman released numbers of zines, the most important besides Good Kids are Breakfast and Larry, all zines are usually accompanied with exhibitions. 

Vaukaman also founded 585 Zines, association that is based on releasing zines of artist from all over the world with the same mindfield and aesthetics.

Dick Skinners is available from Rostfrei Publishing -http://www.rostfreipublishing.com/ . To see more work from Vaukman click: https://instagram.com/vaukman585/