Andrea Tešanović | @akreppapir

HALI GALI fanzine is a platform for young (or old and fresh) visual artists to exhibit their work. 

HALI GALI fanzine is a cheaply printed DIY zine curated by fans of the artist. A fan-zine, get it? 

It is a physical representation of Serbian visual youth culture, designed to circumvent the pressure and tyranny of digital exhibiting spaces. It is a punk paper gallery that is and always will be affordable so everyone can have access to art derived out of raw, market disoriented creative energy. 

As you may have googled, HALI GALI (eng. hully gully) is many things. A type of dance, a wrestling term and a mechanical ballerina dancer you ride in the amusement park. In the spirit of its name, this fanzine is many things, and it aspires to grow, change and respond to organic evolutions happening with every new generation in the local art scene. 

This is the first issue.

You can purchase the HALI GALI fanzine in Zaokret (Cetinjska 15, Belgrade) or order it via Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/haligali____/

David Stanišić | @stanisic.david

Andrea Tešanović | @akreppapir

Mihailo Prostran | @locotes1111

Ognjen Tadić | @ihatemeisuck

Witty Wow | @ _wittywow_

Featured artists in first issue of HALI GALI:

Turbo Tigar 
Alek Leaf
 Stefan Starčević 
Anđela Srejić 
Ognjen Tadić 
Andrija Čugurović 
Anđela Jevtović 
Andrej Julher 
David Stanišić 
Petar Veselinović 
Sandra Grbić 
Viktorija Jovanović 
Ivana Gelić 
Witty Wow 
Mihailo Prostran 
Nikola Hajduković 
Sofija Pašalić 
Andrea Tešanović