Izabella Dawid Wolf

Izabella Dawid Wolf

  Text: Nejc Vašl
Photo: Izabella Dawid Wolf

Izabella describes herself as a dreamer, lover and hater. Which perhaps means that in a romantic way of never-fading hope of some shape of things to come, she idolises love and does love someone truly, for she is a romantic, but is also aware of hate and that brief but sweet taste it provides to a non-forgiver, and how both have to be and are related in the truly romantic way of perhaps being that someone who actually is able to give and receive love equally in intent and strength, without hoping for anything in return. But it could also mean something completely else. She also makes tattoos and stuff.

Drawing of a babe no.19
Generously thick line starts at zero point zero. Travels consistently (with minor fluctuations) towards two point ten, and ends at six point nine abruptly. You can say it is cut with an equally strong one, which started at three point six and appears to curve towards ten point seven, but an equally valid statement would be that it is cut by a line starting at seven point six, going through five point eight and finishing at eight point eight. A similar set of curves is seen through the ring of an area which is set by the corners of zero point five, five point ten, zero point thirteen (!), and nine point minus six. It is a beautiful set. A set which uses its irregularities to openly examine its own bluntness about being “loose”. 

A bold line starts at nine point minus three, originating at the edge of the former set, driving past seven point minus seven, and ending at the navel of a new element, part of a new set, which is yet to be described, at eight point minus eleven. It is accompanied and promoted by an array of shorter ones, each seemingly sprouting in its own direction, but yet exemplifying the placement of the mother arch. The third trajectory starts at the ending of the last, which is at eight point minus eleven, almost horizontally travels to seven point minus eleven, curves to four point minus twelve, and ends at one point minus eleven precisely. 

The whole path of the bulge is accompanied by a set of six different, yet coherent in meaning, loops of fill, visually standing atop the whole composition. At one point minus eleven begins a short path towards two points minus seven, with merely one instance of a message that it is trying to convey.

 At the end point of it, the drama of the boldest statement of the creation starts to unfold, which on one hand flows to the beginning of zero point zero, and on the other hand in the opposite direction, through five point minus seven, to a swell that finishes at nine point minus four. 

In the midst of all this stands an element single in its meaning and origin of shape. It’s a rather small area covering a fill from six point minus two, six point minus four, five point minus four and to five point minus two, but being at the centre of the work it is a forward statement of an intent. 

Above it are accompanying pieces of the form, ranging in the area from seven point one, four point two, zero point one, one point minus two, one point minus four, three point minus five, four point minus four, three point minus one, five point minus one, and ending at the beginning of seven point one. Giving the structure its plasticity and formal beauty, they also communicate the emotions of the … who? 

She is great in not only love, but also in art direction, poster, graphic and editorial design, did CD covers for bands from Poland, UK and USA, and was featured in magazines from both sides of the pond. 

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