Jennifer Mehigan

Jennifer Mehigan

  Text: Nejc Vašl
Photos: Jennifer Mehigan

Soft cyber­skins of dildos and real dolls; ejaculate, saliva, hi­chew candy; jelly shoes and latex; the metals mined to create iPhones and laptops (tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten) are ok.

Born in Singapore, educated in Australia, currently living and working in Ireland, Mehigan describes her artistic style with the coined term “cybersensuality”. Combining thick, stretched out latex / viscous (body) fluid ridden imagery, with guns, knives, probes, bananas and other phallic images, she produces texturally rich and vivid pieces. Virtual worlds she creates are composed of amorphous cumshot-like liquid shapes, glazed with attentive choice of fully saturated colorations, liquefied, and drippy metals. 

She expresses her insides in various media that range from computer generated video animations, to inkjet and acrylic paintings on silk, plexiglass cut-outs, octopus tentacles and vinyl stickers, painted rocks and autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, and sculptured ice. 

She exhibited her work all over, from native Singapore to London, Berlin, Paris, Antwerp, and Calgary.