M questionnaire with Caroline Mackintosh

M questionnaire with Caroline Mackintosh

  Text: Katja Horvat
Photo: Caroline Mackintosh

Caroline’s photos are very alluring, easy, simple and attractive. She has a free spirit that can be sensed in her photography. Caroline comes from Cape Town, South Africa, a place that has often been the main subject of her work - Cape Town’s landscape has been her model on quite a few occasions. 

We developed an interest in her work when, scrolling through her portfolio, we caught ourselves thinking about how cool it would be to be that chick on the beach, underwater, in the middle of the desert, etc. We didn’t come far, we are still stuck behind our computers, but at least we made progress with contacting Caroline and sending her our questionnaire.

Last phone call? 
To Gabriel, the guy we rented our Van from. Myself and my good friend Franziska are busy road tripping through California in an old Volkswagen Westfalia van. We never really stick to a plan and she can't go over 80km per hour which means we take it slow, in no rush, going nowhere slowly, it’s Beautiful. 

Last song you listened to? 
Nils Frahm - Says (transcendent) 

Last time you cried? 
3 days ago 

Have you ever dated someone twice? 
Yes, twice I’ve dated the same man twice ;) 

What did you do for your last Birthday? 
It was super raining and stormy last year, which is quite unusual seeing as my birthday is in the peak of summer. But nevertheless, my housemate Vida and I woke up and decided we needed to swim regardless of the weather. So ignoring the gail force winds, choppy waves and freezing water we went skinny dipping and it felt amazing. After we had had enough of the elements we went home, made two massive pots of Thai green curry and about 25 friends of mine came over. We lit candles, drew portraits of each other, had an impromptu music jam and filled our stomachs to the brim with delicious warm curry. It was pretty perfect. 

What time did you wake up today? 
5.55 am, but that's not when I normally wake. I had to be somewhere. 

Name something you can not wait for? 
Sound Bath Meditation I’m doing in the Integratron dome in Joshua Tree in 3 days. 

Love at first sight: 

If you believe in yourself then the next three options are possible, but what obviously your perception of what those three might mean is up to you. 

How would you label yourself? 
I wouldn’t, that would be confining. 

Did you sing today? 

If you could go back in time, how far would you go? 
Prehistory or just the 70's 

Out of everything in the world, what do you wish for? 
All Humans to consume less blindly. 

And lastly: Are you confident when it comes to your work? 
Yes…. I do feel a bit vulnerable when I put my work out into the word but then that means I am pushing myself and putting out something born from my essence . So if it comes from me, I believe in it and I am confident in its ability to reach and connect within others. 

http://carolinemackintosh.com https://www.instagram.com/carolinemackintosh/?hl=en