In her work there is a lot of painted images of women filled with spontaneous exuberance. Those women are also usually naked, but Milbrath’s display of the female body is in no way pornographic. Au contraire, she is enlightening the female form in a way that isn’t titillating or sexualized. If anything, it is pure, humorous and respectful. 

Darby Milbrath is an emerging artist – painter - from Canada, she has left her day job to focus on traveling and studies. Her starting point is Japan, and then who knows what follows, the only thing that is certain is that she will work on her art practice wherever she is and see how different locations and cultures affect her painting. We love the way she portrays female form, and we love how we see a little Danny Fox in her, so we decided to give her a shout out and ask her a few questions….

Last phone call? 
A call home to mom yesterday 

Last text message? 
Fall behind the noise” to myself 

Last song you listened to? 
Schubert's String Quintet D. 956 in C, 2. Adagio

Last time you cried

Have you ever dated someone twice? 
Yes, twice. It didn’t work either time but I’m stubborn and hopeful. 

What did you do for your last Birthday? 
I went to the bathhouse and then to the Opera 

What time did you wake up today? 
Around 9am 

Name something you can not wait for? 
To be able to walk properly after breaking my foot 



Love at first sight: 


How would you label yourself? 
As an emerging artist 

Did you sing today? 
Yes, I sing all the time! 

If you could go back in time, how far would you go? 
I’d rather go to an imaginary place than backwards 

Out of everything in the world what do you wish for? 

And lastly: Are you confident when it comes to your work? 
I’m only confident that it’s something I need to keep doing and get better at.