Jaka Neon

Jaka Neon

  KITSCH-NITSCH Designer/ Visual artist

Who are you?
Pretty unsuccessful father, ex, lover, artist, and designer.  Nobody is perfect!

How did you get into the fashion game?
I had a desire to be among cool and beautiful people, and yes I admit I was young and naive.

3.What inspires you?
Andrew blake’s porn movies.

What are you wearing right now?
An original electric blue Topshop snuggie

Is there anything you regret not doing?
Maybe more ass kissing, but ask me that same question when I am 99

What pisses you off?
Positive thinking.

If you could be any character in any movie, who would that be? Why? 
Thomas (David Hemmings) from Antonioni blow up, why? He has nice studio and models loves him ;)

Your favorite smell?
A smell of freedom.

5 last songs you listened?
Lauren Devine -  "Breathwork" feat. Yen tech
Prokofiev - Dance of the knights
Brooke candy - Rubber band stacks
Zbigniew Preisner  - Van den Budenmayer concerto en mi mineur
Molly Nilsson - “Lovers are losers"