Michaela Selmani

Michaela Selmani

  Visual artist / visual editor

Who are you? 
I'm Michaela Selmani. Graphic designer based in Ljubljana. 

Is there anything you regret not doing? 
Yes, reading all the books i stacked in the past year.  

What pisses you off? 

If you could be any character in any movie, who would that be? Why?
 I would be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz just to have those amazing red teleporting shoes. 

Your favorite smell? 
The smell of coffee and baked bread. The smell of home. 

5 things you love - at this moment, this day!? 
I love Paz and I love that it is still warm in November. I love lots of things you know. Like good coffee in the morning, cold mornings, good music and good books.

5 last songs you listened?
1. Star slinger - I'm like yeah 
2. Jamie xx - Stranger in a room 
3. Ffx - Ppromnite 
4. James Blake - I never learned to share 
5. Stormzy - Know me from