Michaela Selmani

Michaela Selmani

  Visual artist / visual editor

Who are you? 
Im Michaela Selmani. Mum of one and interactive designer based in Ljubljana. 

Is there anything you regret not doing? 
Yes. Waking up earlier than my daughter and exercising. Of course it is never happening. 

What pisses you off? 
Random people who offer so much of their “good” advice. 

If you could be any character in any movie, who would that be? Why?
 I would be Dorothy from the wizard of Oz just to have those amazing red teleporting shoes. 

Your favourite smell? 
The smell of coffee and baked bread. I guess the smell of home. I do not bake myself but my mum does it all the time so i like spending time there especially for holidays. And i love the smell of asphalt after a heavy rain in hot summer.

 5 things you love - at this moment, this day!? 
I love Paz and i love that it is still warm in november. I love lots of things you know. Like good coffee in the morning, cold mornings, good music and good books. I like knitting too. Also, baby free weekends. Thanks to my parents :) That's definitely my fav thing!

 5 last songs you listened?
 1. Star slinger - I'm like yeah 2. Jamie xx - Stranger in a room 3. Ffx - Ppromnite 4. James blake - I never learnt to share 5. Stormzy - Know me from