Slavica veselinović

Slavica veselinović

  Photographer / visual artist

Who are you?
I’m nobody. Who are you? 

Is there anything you regret not doing? 

What pisses you off?
Fascists. They stink

If you could be any character in any movie who would that be? Why?
I would say rachel, a replicant in blade runner’ first scene. She is fearless, mysterious and seductive. ;) 

Your favorite smell? 
The smell of freshly printed books

5 things you love – at this moment – this day?
I love my man. I love cats. I love listening to lps. I love drinking cofee and eating cookies for breakfast. I love a good glass of red wine in the evening

5 last songs you listened? 
Roy orbison – in dreams the three blind mice – wine song die haut – sad dark eyes david bowie – always crashing in The same car brigitte bardot – harley davidson