Tadej Zupančič

Tadej Zupančič

Photo: Rolf Gillespie

Who are you?
My name is tadej zupančič and i am a part-time journalist, translator, writer and voice-over artist living in london; emphasis is on the “part-time” bit, apart from living in london, which i do full-time and have done since 1991. I guess i just like different things, often at the same time. I used to be a question in an a-level english test in slovenia, which i found quite funny. I also used to be a broadcaster. Not convinced that social media is a panacea for nearly everything, but am on instagram as @notreallyobsessive. 

Is there anything you regret not doing?
How much time do we have? 

What pisses you of?
Apart from all the usual things, right now also misuse of hashtags on instagram. It makes me nervous.

If you could be any character in any movie, who would that be? Why? 
Bert in mary poppins. Hopefully i could do a mildly better cockney accent than dick van dyke.

Your favorite smell?
Berlin u-bahn stations. 

5 things you love - at this moment, this day!?
They tend to change, these things. In general, though: concerts, brutalist architecture, pop culture phenomena and ephemera (two for the price of one), visual art and a.p.c. 

5 last songs you listened?
That’s easy: new order’s restless, singularity, plastic, tutti frutti and superheated. Superheated, i think, is one of the finest pop songs of 2015.