Writer, visual artist

Who are you? 
Art and fashion lover, supporter and worker, mostly intertwined with writing, contributions, consultations and/or management. I regularly collaborate with different publications. Founder and editor at tedore. On a personal side I am not a big fan of titles, maybe that´s why I am the worst self-promoter ever. Experience me and build your own picture of me, which is always a fruit of subjectivity and with tons of prejudice. I guess you will probably get a basic notion of me out from these answers. ;) 

Is there anything you regret not doing? 
Regretting as a sense of repentance is, in my opinion, a waste of time and especially energies, preferably usable in more productive and creative things. I never regret anything. If something was or turned good, it´s wonderful, otherwise is still a good experience. Every little detail of our life is what made us into who we really are at the end. 
What pisses you off? Injustice. Double-standards. Falseness. Egoism. People with lack of or with no identity, without one´s true self. Ignorance and consequently discrimination. Superficiality, haughtiness, and lies. I have also a hard time to cope with people who wallow in self-pity, resigned with a situation or condition in which they live and without any attempt to change a single thing for the better. 

If you could be any character in any movie, who would that be? Why? 
I prefer to live in my own skin. Characters are normally used to express a side of people´s personality that don´t have, but they are desperately-willing to have it. It´s like praising and willing to have neighbor´s green grass instead to take care of its proper one. Why it´s so hard nowadays to live your own, living in your own skin? Can we accept the fact that we all are different? We all have proper, personal shades and details that not only enrich us, but they make us special and unique. 
Your favorite smell? 

5 things you love - at this moment, this day!?
 a great talk with consequently some good laughs. Sunny days; they simply bring me that extra-power and they clear my mind. Positive thinking and acting people, without being self-centered. Creative minds and individualists. And forever nature.

 5 last songs you listened? 
“exploitation”- róisín murphy (but would say the whole “hairless toys” album) “teclo” and “long snake moan” – p.j.harvey “stone” and “I wear you” – all we are “tide”- lovely quinces “gone” - Ilya