I want you to meet Sara. A designer and a very special person. Her uniqueness and boldness got her an internship at Jeremy Scott a few years ago and thereafter she continued her studies at the University of Boras where she enhanced her skills and craft. She can sew and stitch, plus she can put together a mixture of fanciful colors, prints and emoji symbols and still make it look decent… wait! Not decent, but insanely good. Joining Young@Squat, a creative team of young designers, and showcasing her last two men’s collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana got her the reputable Young Designer Of The Year Award. By some means, we just can’t get enough of her! 

And there’s also Katja. The list of mags she works for as a writer, editor, stylist… is just so long that we are going to skip this step. She’s smart and tough. She likes to push people and likes to hang with all the cool kids in town. Her interest in underground rock bands, skateboarding, and Elias Bender is what makes her cool… Or maybe it’s just her one-piece swimsuit that she likes to mix with her oversized jeans and extensive collection of tattoos that make her so cool!?

Anyhow, there’s also another thing that’s cool and that is the project our gals did recently, putting Sara’s pieces together and taking pictures of a young gaunt-faced bartender they had spotted a few nights before (thanks, Simon). Girls shot #spreman Roman in NTF’s studio (thanks, Jure Ahtik). What we see here clothes-wise is somewhat of a best of or a little mix of Sara’s recent work, showcased through Katja’s stylings.