Text: Sari Valenci
Photo: Gaja Dolmark

Migrations: our new tomorrow. Followed by irrelevant, cultural and religiously orientated problems…. Countless victims, demolished history, demolished art… What we are witnessing is, to put it better, a demolition of mankind in general.

A Mexican migrant (today a legal U.S. citizen) recently posted a 3-D video of Donald Trump (who has a very outspoken ongoing problem with migrants) performing Hotline Bling, a highly popular track by rapper Drake, in which he tries to critically connect meaningless lyrics with Trump’s irrelevancy. Capitan Alegria, the author of the video, is trying to show how the presidential candidate is misleading nations in regard to migration over the Mexican border - we are all equal.


So with this piece, I tried to warn the viewers about the ongoing problems in our society, but in an easier manner. The oversized silhouette symbolizes the power and ruthlessness of soldiers. In my case, their uniform is not covered with blood, but it is covered with multiple white satirical emblems. 

UusedTOcallme was also awarded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award (Ljubljana, 2015).