Ana Popescu

Ana Popescu

  Fictional Homes - Ravnikar Gallery Space opening !
Text : Špela Pipan

In light of the opening of her solo exhibition at the Ravnikar Gallery Space in Ljubljana on 4 September - Fictional homes, we caught up with the vibrant and prospective artist Ana Popescu for a short interview. When asked how she would describe herself in a few thoughts she keeps it simple and modest by stating “ I am an artist and illustrator living in Vienna. I was born in Romania but grew up in France. I really enjoy drawing, reading books and riding my bike”. 

Her illustrations, full of modernist flair, often feature fictional homes and are a medley of strong colors and what would appear as terrazzo - cladding surfaces. Her use of composition, texture, and light gives her drawings a slightly cinematic feel, a mise-en-scène like quality. The theme of architecture is prominent in her work, yet is translated into her drawings in an abstract way, creating imaginary, almost parallel spaces. 

We asked her a few short questions to find out more about who was behind these vivid utopias. 

1. What did you want to be when you grow up when you were little? 
I wanted to be a lot of different things, however, a private detective was one of my top choices. 

2. What sparked your interest in art? 
Unfortunately, I don’t remember. We had nice acrylic colors to paint with at kindergarten, so maybe it was that. 

3. What is your aesthetic like?
 At the moment it is about simple forms combined with colors. Light and shade come up in my work quite a lot as well. 

4. What is your favourite color? 
If I had to choose then I would say Prussian blue, but I don’t have a particular one in general. 

5. How does your art change the way you view the world? 
When I walk around the city I am always looking at how the light shines on buildings and how shade works with angles. Being an artist has significantly changed the way I observe my surroundings. 

6. If you could create your dream project, what would it be? 
It would be to create large-scale paintings! 

7. Do follow reason or feeling in your work (and/or in life)? 
I follow both, always. 

8. What excites you? 

9. Name five things you love and cannot live without?
 I cannot live without nature, swimming, cheese, tomatoes, and sleeping. 

10. Does your artistic aesthetic translate into your personal style? 
I don’t know, I never asked myself that. 

11. What are you wearing whilst answering this questions? 
Jeans and a shirt. 

12. What do you wish you were wearing whilst answering these questions? 
Exactly what I am wearing. 

13. What's worst the fashion trend that never should have existed? 
Definitely Buffalo platform boots.