Text: Katja Horvat

I have never been to Drug§tore! Shame on me! Therefore I can not write about the experience I had there, about what I saw and how I felt. But what I can do is call a friend whom I really trust, a friend who, if you ask me, is the queen of the going-out scene in Zagreb and Belgrade. And when the queen says shit is real, great, good, amazing… Then you kind of know it is! When she tried to paint me a picture of Drug§tore, she told me about how people would ride bicycles on the dance floor and about how parties can get ''mega turbo crazy''. 

She told me about the amazing vibe Drug§tore and Dragana give off. She said the location could not be better, the vibe could not be better, and how free and loose and artistic everything is there. She said that what Dragana and the whole Drug§tore crew are doing is amazing and that they are greatly impacting the clubbing scene in our area. For her, Drug§tore is an uninhibited, fun place, it's an experiment that is beyond cool and it’s something the scene kind of needs right now. And it's not just rave, it's everything. She said that after all the raves and craziness, her ultimate favorite moment at Drug§tore was actually an A Place To Bury Strangers concert.

So as curious as I am, I wanted to get into the loop and get the scoop. Who better to talk to than Dragana? We didn’t do a typical Q/A, we spiced things up a bit. I gave her some well-known, fun quotes about clubbing, and she gave me her outlook and view on how things are now, where Drug§tore fits in and what it is all about.

The key of the success of Studio 54 is that it’s a dictatorship at the door and a democracy on the dance floor. Andy Warhol.
Said WarHOL(E). I’m personally enjoying only the hole on the dance floor deep inside the whale’s stomach. There are a couple of names for the Drug§tore big room that are circling around, but this is my favourite one. It drowns you inside, opening its massive throat, keeping you safe for the night. In the whale’s stomach you can float and get lost, left alone to do whatever you feel like or not.

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep. Unknown.
Come and take a nap if you like. We don’t mind. But make sure you don’t sleep over.

People always think that when they grew up it was better. The people who went to Studio 54 say, “Oh, this is nothing!” or “The limelight is nothing. In our day it was much better.” But I mean, it’s always great. It’s always fresh to the kids. And to me, you’ve  just got to make it happen. You can’t be a downer and say, “This is nothing like the roaring 20s. Amanda Lepore.
Are you bored people? I most certainly am not. Being bored is a lack of freedom, lack of imagination and lack of perspective. Get a screaming dog. There is still a million wrong things to do. We didn’t spend it all just yet, boys and girls! Or just get a room.

‘Club culture’ is a colloquial expression given to youth cultures for whom dance clubs and their eighties offshoot, raves, are the symbolic axis and working social hub. The sense of place afforded by these events is such that regular attenders take on the name of the spaces they frequent, becoming ‘clubbers’ and ‘ravers’. Club cultures are taste cultures. Crucially, club cultures embrace their own hierarchies of what is authentic and legitimate in popular culture-embodied understanding of which can make on ‘hip’. Sarah Thornton.
Well, it is supposed to be about loving music and expressing that part of you. Feeling great among people, making fun, talking shit, whatever drives your guts. Who cares about what is hip. Create your own symbolics. I hope that the term ''club culture'' is behind us as what is legitimate and what is not. I go for the not legitimate stuff.

Clubs are so lame, nobody even dances in these clubs. They stand around and get drunk and they schmooze. There is no enjoyment factor. Shia LaBoeuf. 
Clubs are super fun! I dislike philosophy about them.

Look James, this is going to be more than a club. It will be like a home, for everyone who ever felt like a freak, for everyone who was ever beat on or spat on in highschool, for everyone who felt different. It will be like the factory and I’ll be the next Andy Warhol. Michael Alig- Party Monster.
This sounds too childish to me. We do not seek for a home, we seek for getting loose, dancing to the music we love. Have fun with friends. Exchange energy and simply enjoy the night.
We are creating a platform that allows you to work during the day on stuff you want to present to people with the help of artists and friends. Trying to create a place that can capture different art developments and enjoy it.  It’s a dragnet. The art of dragging. The phenomenon of resistance to motion through fluid. 

If you’re going to be a superstar DJ, there are three simple rules you need to remember: Number One: You can alway rely the Studio 54 compilation set. They’re premixed! They last for hours. And Number Two: Madonna. Always works. And Number Three: When all else fails, play techno! It’s nondescript, unrecognizable, and everyone would think you’re so cutting edge. James- Party Monster.
Ok, this is history :) People do know music really well these days, and totally recognize what you are playing. Not working!
I love DJs who are not afraid to combine genres. That seek jewels and unlock emotions. It is supposed to be a journey where they are taking you. 

I love the mix of people who hang out at nightclubs. Their individuality is an inspiration to me. The music they listen to, the clothes they wear and the way they wear them defines a street style that I love. Donatella Versace.
True that. I meet quite a lot beautiful souls in Drugstore. Many gained friends along the way. There is something different in meeting people during the night when they are relaxed and open to talk about all kinds of stuff.

Nightclubs are the equivalent of a Catholic Church in a poor country. You hear a lot of stuff about churches filled with gold while the people are starving. But what elitists don’t get is that for poor people, the church is their own mansion. Nightclubs fill the same function. Oscar Hijuelos. 
Interesting point of view. Especially since Drug§tore is also called The Cathedral. 
I’m more into shamanism if we are talking about clubs. You can definitely experience some of that.

When I think of all the good times that I’ve wasted having good times... The Animals.
We don’t waste it, we embrace it.