She is a film director (well, that’s one of many things she is), an actual AGRFT graduate film director. In the next month she has three new music videos coming out. As an actor and co-writer (together with Katja Perat and Jelena Rusjan, who also directed the play) she is a part of the ÜBERŠKRIP play in SMG
She is in the midst of writing a screenplay for a short movie and also for a long feature movie. Together with her band Napravi mi dete, she is working on a new album, and somewhere in the middle of this crazy schedule, she is planning a Drone Festival. Oh, she also has a cat and a dog. Not so sure if she has any spare time, though. Katarina Rešek aka Kukla Kesherović is one busy lady, that’s for sure! 

Please explain yourself….
I am a film director and a musician. I make films and music videos. I also have a band called NAPRAVI MI DETE.

What did you eat for breakfast?
A pear and some honey.

Do you make money with your profession or do you have to do something else to support yourself and do all that you do and what we know you for on the side?
I do make money with my profession, but I also do a lot of different things to get by, and also because I like diversity. Sometimes I DJ, lead workshops and some events, act, take photos, write, paint murals etc. I had quite a few shitty jobs in my life but let the past stay in the past.

What did you want to be growing up?
A vet and an astronaut but very soon after that I realised I want to be who I am now.

What do you think you will be doing in your 80s? 
Doing yoga on a mountain in South America, swimming, Skyping with my grandchildren, playing the harp and making a new album.

Your favorite city?
I hope it will be Sao Paulo but for now it is Istanbul.

Your favorite word?

The most obnoxious celebrity?
I rarely find people obnoxious. I find some behaviours obnoxious, but whom I do not know personally I cannot really categorize. 

What do you secretly fantasize about?
Becoming an opera singer and marrying Joaquin Phoenix.

Your hero?
M.I.A. and PK Wonder, she is already in heaven.

Silk or leather?

Do you believe in love?
I want to.

Do you care about politics?
Yes, but I don’t believe in finding a universal solution for everybody.

Current mood?
Joyous and tired, processing intense emotional happenings and being very thankful for my great friends.

Kukla for Matter: