Hugo Capablanca is taking over Drugstore

Hugo Capablanca is taking over Drugstore

  Text: Katja Horvat

So this interview had a funny start… I was approached with a sentence looking a bit like this: “Hey, so there is a pretty cool guy who will play in Drugstore / Belgrade. He is really fed up with interviews and boring questions, but we still want to feature him! Is there something you can do? Like ask him a bunch of stupid questions?” 

I mean how do I not ask stupid questions? I am not a serious person so this was a piece of cake. He went all in, googled Slovenia and read somewhere that we have notoriously beautiful women here, I mean OK, thanks for calling me beautiful and the rest of the country is probably happy as well. Anyways Hugo is cool, he is a DJ, producer and label owner who has steadily been building a reputation for making a playful dilettante's approach a proper style of his own. 

Hugo was born in Spain but now divides his life between Berlin, NY and the rest of the world. His sound is very particular and well-recognised, it's a good mix of psychedelic influences, disco, industrial, acid and other far out genres… 

You can hear, see, maybe even touch Hugo on 9th of April in Drugstore Belgrade.

What are your dreams made of? 
NY, ice-cream, TV, travel, good times. 

Who was your dream date when you were a teenager? 
The bondage chick in “After Hours” who is the flatmate of the fucked up stoned girl that dies. 

Best word... 

The stupidest thing you have ever heard... 
“Please, people need to arm themselves. If you don’t like guns, you can get whatever maximum length knife allowable from your government. Everyone should have mace. Because you need to be able to stop those cowardly attacks immediately when the attack begin.” (Levon Vincent) 

The most annoying song... 
Earworms on emergency loop mode. 

If you could swap places with anyone – who would that be? 
You. I’d like to be you. I always wanted to be you. I dream of being you. 

OK I will now give you a few words and you just give me the first thing that pops to your mind after reading it: 
Chocolate: Shroom 
Smell: Don’t 
Car: Cox 
Donald: Adolph 
Mad: Mike 
Gold: Shit Doughnuts!! 

The most comfortable shoes you’ve ever owned? 
Emperor’s NB. 

Who is your hero? 

Do you think you’re someone else's hero? 

Who is your favorite friend? 

Who do you like more: your mom or your dad? 

Cats or dogs? 

Blonde or brown? 
Rod Stewart. 

Ass or boobs? 

Soft or hard? 
Whatever it is, make it life size and extra mayo. And two boiled eggs. 

Flowers smell like... 

Lauryn Hill or Sade? 
Thee Marquis of course. 

West coast or East coast? 
Spree Side Boogie Down - In ’n’ Out (LES Mix) 

Techno is... 
A thing. 

House is... 
Currently, a Deeply boring mainstream trend liked by a lot of people without a taste of their own, a raped genre, made easy to market and devoid of any meaning or substance. Mainly. 

Berlin is... 
Currently, the capital of Germany. 

Slovenia is... 
Situated in Central and Southeastern Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. Currently, a place I’ve never been. Officially the Republic of Slovenia, The territory is mostly mountainous. Formerly: inhabited since prehistoric times, part of many different state formations (including the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, followed by the Habsburg Monarch) and a communist state which was the only country in the Eastern Bloc not part of the Warsaw Pact. Apparently home to great ballet dancers, Laibach, and notoriously beautiful women.