Kikimora (russian:: кикимора, IPA: [kʲɪkʲimərə]) is a mythological creature, a female home spirit in eastern slavic mythology, known by producing noises and weird sounds in the middle of the night.

Kikimore started creating noise in January 2016 on so-called Noise tea parties at Rampa Lab which started within the organisation ČIPke - an initiative for researching the conditions of women who are active in the context of science, technology and media art. The most enthusiastic participants of tea parties soon formed as Kikimore united by love for music improvisation, raw sound, noise and the smell of solder. 

When experimenting with noise they mostly use DIY analog music machines that they built either on various workshops or by themselves. The groups performances are based on improvisation and experiments with sounds.

Current noise cast consist of six ladies: Kati Flowerfields, Staša Guček, Sara Mlakar, Nina Orlič, Sara Pegam and Barbara Poček. 

Watch the video recorded at Kapelica Gallery below or catch them play live at Kersnikova on March 8th at 20:00.