Text: Anže Sekelj
Photo: Matt Schley

Have you figured out what you want to do with yourself yet?  
Many times. I want to make lots of good music. And be a part of a revolution.

How does the musical taste of an individual influence his/her environment?
I think it’s the other way around: the environment influences the individual. If everyone around you listens to Mambo Kings, you most probably will do the same. If not, your individual taste will upset your surroundings.

Is the lifestyle of (sub)cultures still reflected in the way their members dress? Can you briefly explain your answer?
I don’t think it is. 90% of people in our society have identical styles, regardless of their clothes, musical preferences or any other kind of preferences. Being different in the way you dressed used to mean being different in the way you lived. Now being different is a product everyone can buy without ever needing to be different.

What is the most important thing in your choice of music? 
I love hearing new things, new approaches and aesthetics. I am usually attracted to more radical deviations from the norm, whether that’s in pop or noise.

Does the Slovenian music or DJ scene have any local specifics? 
Every local scene has its own specifics. If I focus my attention on Ljubljana, I would say that the bands are very attached to a certain “show what you’ve got” esthetic. There’s a lot of exhibitionistic solos and complications like they need to prove that they know what they are doing. Less attention is paid to the content. That’s mostly true for both the mainstream and alternative performers. As far as DJs are concerned, there’s an all-present influence of funk which is not heard as much elsewhere. I have a feeling that as the new scene was developing in the 90’s, funk was considered urban and progressive (let’s remind us of Ali En and Heavy Les Wanted) and that belief is still rooted around here.

Is music the only way you express yourself? 
I am involved with other things as well, but music is the source of everything for me. My needs for visualization, design and videos were born out of musical creating and I have directed my creative musical thoughts into writing as well.

DJ or a band? 
There is no way I can choose. The world would be pretty pathetic without either of them.

Yamamoto or Dior? 
I will answer this question when I get a product from either of them…. It might last another lifetime though :)