It doesn't matter if its day or night, this playlist will make you wanna go drunk and find the love of your life or not! 

Luka is a skateboarder. But not like a dumb one, he is actually super smart, like super smart! Like Geophysics, Geotechnology smart. Regarding his skateboarding, some say he is actually one of the best skateboarders we have at the moment, but I say he is so much fun I could pee my pants everytime I hang out with him. He is a boy from the hood, he has been skating for approx 8 years, he loves spaghetti carbonara, prefers seaside over pool and his go-to song when he drinks one to many is: Sreča na vrvici ( 

Luka is super chill, fun and one of the good guys. Just the other day we were coming up with ideas how to toughen him up. One of the ideas was that he should get a tattoo of a teardrop on his face. I am pretty sure that’s not happening, but you know, never say never. M asked Luka to create a playlist of 12 songs and here is what he came up with: Serge Gainsbourg – La Noyée David Bowie – Modern Love David Bowie – Rebel Rebel The Strokes – Someday Stevie Wonder – He's Misstra Know It All Herb Alpert – Rise Danny Mirror – I Remember Elvis Presley