Julian… I mean, where to begin. This ‘kid’ is so nice and grounded and eager to learn and work that it’s plain weird but the best weird possible. I recently interviewed him for a Brazilian publication called U+ Mag and I knew right away that there has to be more, that he has to be featured on M as well, and he, of course, was up for it. 
Julian is primarily a skateboarder but his feeling for aesthetics is insanely good, so he kind of figured that out and branched out. He is an artist, director, musician, designer, writer… He has his own brand of clothes called Mimosa Pudica.  ЖУРНАЛ (Journal: Russia), a 100-page book of photographs, video stills and writings is coming out in January.

ЖУРНАЛ documents Julian’s recent trip to Russia where he collaborated with Gosha Rubchinsky and professional skateboarder Toliya Titiev
He is also getting ready to release a little acoustic album and has an exhibition coming up in Tokyo. Somewhere in between all these projects he tries to skate as much as possible to get his part done and practices Transcendental Meditation whenever he can. Busy guy.
And while I’m writing this I feel so ‘basic’ because we journalists tend to make every topic so great and so awesome and so oh, but there can not be any other way with him, sorry. He’s cool, simple as that. Google him ☺! 

Also, this playlist says it all!