Have you figured out what you want to do with yourself yet?
Roughly, yes. But I think we are all a work in progress. It would be boring if I knew exactly what I will be doing in a few years. I find it almost unwise to ponder the future. Spontaneity is still a strong force in my life. 

Does the environment influence musical preference of an individual and why?
Of course. Just look at what was happening in the 80’s in the polluted, industrial Manchester. Joy Division, Happy Mondays and Acid House were popular then. The dance and electronic music scenes were particularly interesting. Artists, such as Derrick May and Kevin Saunders, brought the sounds of Detroit techno across the Atlantic to share the sounds of their city with the world, and they are still doing the same today. Their city is their brand. One of my favorite DJs, Moodymann, also from Detroit, said the same thing in one of his interviews. He said that even though he is not one of the most popular DJs in the world, he will portray the influence of life in Detroit whenever he’s behind the turn table. He plays what he hears in his natural environment, in his car. No matter where he finds himself, his set is the soul of his city. This idea inspires me and it should inspire every DJ. There are so many artists on the scene who only play one style of music, which I find extremely boring. I have also noticed that individuals from smaller, boring towns reach for more exotic music from the big cities and the other way around. That is why I think that the environment is the main reason for exploring beyond the general frame of musical taste, and that’s exactly what drives me. Fortunately, I have had friends who share my interests and we all were able to “run away” from the village, to somewhere different, away. 
Is the life style of (sub)cultures still reflected in the way their members dress and why?
Every subculture brings a certain way of life and that is reflected in their style of clothing as well. Subcultures have the habit of bringing people together, just as clothes do. This results in an interesting mixture that is often followed by the change in fashion - and I think that’s great. 

What is the most important thing in your choice of music? 
»Feel good factor«. The music I choose for my mixes is usually founded in great feelings. If it makes me feel good, it’s good enough for me. That is what guides me.

Does Slovenian music or DJ scene have any local specifics?
I think that Slovenian underground scene is very stable, with lots of interesting artists. But I am more interested in who will be capable of moving beyond Slovenian borders in the future. 

Is music the only way you express yourself?
Music comes first. Expressing myself through music has become so normal to me that I could call it a habit at this point. 

Does charisma influence the succes of a musician or a DJ?
Charisma and passion for your work are definitely helpful assets. Without them, it is easy to lose the drive and give up within a few years. I think that charisma by itself is not enough. You always have to be in step with the time and pop culture and somehow try to predict the future. The music industry is incredibly moody, but if you are passionate about developing and upgrading your sound, you will eventually make progress. Many people have confirmed this to me - not only musicians, but producers, engineers, directors, fashion designers… We respect the timelessness of the classic works, but we should not be afraid to invent something new. Especially, if we want to grow our creativity. We always have to understand that the road to success is not quick, but it sometimes feels like science. There will be a lot of obstacles on this road and they simply need to be overcome. They are there to challenge and strengthen us. As long as we are doing what we want to be doing and as long as we are trying to reveal our work to the public, everyone will achieve their own form of success in their time. 

DJ or a bend?
Both. Without bands, the DJs would not exist. Imagine what would happen if the band Chic didn’t exist - there would be no explosion of the popularity of discs and without that there would be no house music, and consequentially we would have less DJs that we appreciate and love today. Similarly, if we didn’t have DJs on the radios, we would not know most of the bands we love. So we need both. 

Yamamoto or Dior?