Matter are wearing: Nejc, Šubic, Versace (Galerija Emporium) and Matic Veler (Pentlja Concept Store)

It would be silly to write another typical intro about this band, since in these past few months they have been published and featured in every known and unknown medium we have in Slovenia (foreigns, please google: Matter). Yes, they are from Kamnik. Yes, they just released their debut album called Amphibios on Rx:tx records. Yes, there are three of them: Dacho, Levanael, Tunja. Anyways, the fact is: they all have brownish hair, lighter, darker, whatever. Their eye colors are different. They are not smaller than 170 cm and taller than 190cm. They are not younger than 25 and older than 31. They are not fat, not models. Some of them are single, some of them taken. Some of them like chocolate, some prefer chips. Some are into art, others couldn’t care less about anything, and someone is always stuck somewhere in the middle. 

We sat down with Matter before their big concert (Matter and Blaž are opening for Gramatik – Križanke, 24. 7. 2016) and asked them a few obligatory music questions, plus some randoms, of course! 

So the name… Why, how? 
Matter is the foundation of all things. 

How did you all get started with your musical interests? 
Classic story. We started doing music in high school. Production evolved through years and projects and Matter is a product of all that. 

When did you know you kind of succeeded? 
We still don't. Success is a tricky thing, we just love doing this. 

What do you think started this whole thing (hype around you guys)? 
The whole hype evolved around 3 songs - Zlato v zobeh, Banana, and Meduze. 
We think the buzz escalated because our music is unconventional and paradoxical.

There is more to your songs than just one verse, a lot of words going on! Who is responsible for lyrics anyways? 
Dacho and Tunja both write their own lyrics. 

How do you know when the song is done? 
The song is never done. You just stop doing it at some point. 

There are three of you. How do you settle on who will sing, rap a certain part? 
It is never planned. Things just happen and we go along with it. 

Is three a crowd? 
In love life yes, in friendship no. Hahaha. 

What do you think is the perfect venue for your music… 
A theater because we want to convey the experience of the fictional world that we created. 

What’s the ultimate feeling you get while working on a new song? 
The thrill of listening something fresh that came from your imagination. 

What’s the best noise you’ve ever heard? 
Dacho: Heartbeat of the girl I love. 
Levanael: Water drop. 
Tunja: Silence. 

If you could be any character in any movie, who would that be and why? 
Dacho: Blade Runner. 
Levanael: Bran Stark. 
Tunja: Dr. Hunter mixed with Peter Pan. 

Can you name five things that got you most high? 
Fire, water, air, earth and ether. 

What is your favorite childhood memory that you all share? 
When we built our own music studio. There was happiness in the air. 

If you could pick one song that would serve as a soundtrack to this interview, which would that be? 
Isaac Hayes - Walk On By