3.Paradis presented their SS17 collection with a live in-store presentation during London Fashion Week Men's at destination retailer Ejder. 

Focussing on the customer experience and forging direct relationships with consumers they presented their Spring/Summer 2017 collection in-season as part of a see-now-buy-now concept, including exclusive pieces in collaboration with Ejder. For this collection, we went back to our roots and the origins of 3.PARADIS and decided to celebrate the synergy between high fashion and streetwear. 

We mainly took our inspiration from the Americana styling and the early 2000s hip-hop music which have played an important part in our childhood. We also studied the opposition and similarities between the street culture and the runway with a series of reversible pieces which feature one side paying homage to the streetwear and the other side to the catwalk. 

With this collection, we are blurring the line dividing classic streetwear and luxury high-fashion by merging our street knowledge and sensibilities with the 3.PARADIS futuristic design, high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We decided to go back to our roots in order to inspire the kids and the next generation as much, if not more, as we got inspired by the older generation because we were kids too.