43 by Tadej Vaukman

43 by Tadej Vaukman

  Text: Katja Horvat
Photo: Tadej Vaukman

Celine Dion sings “Right in front of you. Right in front of me. We were looking for it somehow, somewhere we couldn't see. But the love was always there. It's been around us everywhere. I had to fall to finally see, that you were right in front of me”. Meg Cabot in All-American Girl writes “Sometimes what you want is right in front of you. All you have to do is open your eyes and see it.” And there are so many other sayings that cover “right in front of your eyes” that, I guess, sometimes things really are right in front of our eyes. 

Our friend, Tadej Vaukman, after that a few of his zines were already published by 585 ZINES, finally figured it all out. He realized that the best material is where his heart is, at home, with his granny and grandpa. I mean, the duo is frequently portrayed in his photos anyway, but this is the first zine that covers only his grandparents’ lives. But don’t think that just because there is a cute old couple on the photos there are no vaginas, we are talking about Tadej Vaukman for christ’s sake, there will always be filth and nakedness and plenty of vaginas, for as long as he can breathe. 

43 is the latest zine from Tadej Vaukman that was also presented during last week’s Caffeine Hours event. Tadej, together with 585 Zines, participated in the zine fair. 

Tada’s granddad has always been into four-leaf clovers, he has been collecting them for years now and he owns a good 1000 clovers. Anyways, four-leaf clovers have been used in a very special way in his household, as he has been covering ladies’ vaginas with them. Calendars, photos, whatever there was, if there was a vagina, he would go and put a four-leaf clover over it. Why, no one knows, but the truth is, no one wants to ask as well, as sometimes, the less you know the better. All we can add, is that they do not call them ‘lucky four-leaf clovers’ for no reason. 

43 is available for purchase. 

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