Cosy Berlin universe at LNFA

Cosy Berlin universe at LNFA

  Text: Gintare Adomaityte

“You cannot just beat the market. Everyday we have to re-think the perception of need and satisfaction” – starts the conversation Sevil Uguz, the founder and owner of Berlin based concept store and fashion agency LNFA in concept mall Bikini Berlin.  A shot of real Berlin atmosphere: raw, industrial, strong in concept and feeling. 

The aim to connect the different industries into one unity has driven the team for two years and brought them to the point they are standing now with the minds full of creative thinking and experience to seek for more. Live through networking, fashion and arts. 

Explore it, feel it, love it. 900m2 raw and industrial concept store LNFA offers extraordinary shopping experience with a spice of exceptional style and mess which comes to the united order. 

90 young fashion designers from all over the world have a chance to get in touch with the customers, present the creativity and start the fashion career by getting PR, communication, marketing, consulting and branding services from LNFA creative PR agency

“I was wondering how to implement the courage and businesses of the young designers while combining it with communication field” – explains Sevil and invites to her fashion oasis where innovative ideas, different tastes and multifunctionality play the first roles. LNFA is proud to be nominated as one of the top 10 stores in the world by Vogue Paris, presented its own movie in Istanbul Fashion Film Festival, closely working with media and organizing customized parties for Absolut Vodka, Sennheiser, Star Wars, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

The capacity to bring the brands from Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Russia, Mexico and Tokyo under one roof reflects the international scene of Berlin city. Multicultural, miscellaneous, diverse, ever changing melting pot. Among the huge bunch of the fashion designers, the best sellers are Studio Gampe, Thomas Hanisch, Preach, Esther Perbandt, Trippen, Kilian Kerner Senses, Pearly Wong, Marcel Ostertag, Marcell Von Berlin, Siyah and Tokyo Showroom. 

“Instead of following the paths, we create our one” – bravely states the owner and describes the successful business model which is always adoptable according to the society and its expectations. LNFA agency has media support by Berlin Senate and takes part in the most important international fashion events: Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, WeAr Select fashion tradeshow in London, Euro Fashion Award, LA Fashion Week, various workshops and lectures, launching events and presentations. Having the goal to find a perfect combination of keeping the visions and strategy fulfilled with the upcoming trends and willingness pushes LNFA idea further. 

Get lost in a chaos and find the harmony hosted at a creative space which is dedicated to the innovations, originality, exceptional combinations and synergy of fashion and arts. Be mad. Be you. Live through networking, fashion and arts.