Three women, three original expressions, three archetypes, three faces. Andalusia, the Balkans, the past and the present. 

Deblas/Goddesses is an original dance and music performance by three unique authors, Urška Centa, Katja Šulc and Kukla, which draws inspiration from the Roma woman, a figure of eternal fascination and contradiction, transplanting it into our cultural space. 

The performance is designed as a triptych through three fundamental stations – birth, wedding, solitude –, seeking the common spaces of Andalusia and the Balkans, rejecting stereotypes, machismo and chauvinism while simultaneously embracing femininity, passion and beauty. In an unpredictable blending of movement, music and image, the authors play through the various archetypes of a woman testing boundaries, her own and others’ expectations, forced and ideals. 

Dancer and choreographer Urška Centa explores the roots of flamenco, expanding it into the field of contemporary dance through seeking the essence, testing unknown territories, reaching into the unconscious. 

Singer and musician Katja Šulc is a scream and a voice from another world, drawing from flamenco poetry, traditional Roma songs and abstract folk vocalisations. Visual and music performer Kukla enters the semi-recent history of the Balkans and their fatalism through sound and image. 

Concept and direction: Urška Centa 
Concept co-authorship: Katja Šulc, Kukla 
Choreography: Urška Centa, Tina Habun, Anamaria Bagarić 
Music: Katja Šulc, Kukla, Urška Centa 
Visuals: Kukla 
Graphic design: Rok Marinšek 
Photography: Peter Perunović 
Costume design: Damir Raković Ponorelli 

Urška Centa (dancing, vocals) 
Katja Šulc (vocals) Kukla (vocals) 
Tina Habun (dancing) 
Anamaria Bagarić (dancing) 
Robert Jukič (double bass, bass guitar) 
Victor Guadiana (violin) Murat (beatbox)