Dilara Findikoglu debuts during London Fashion Week for the first time with her Spring/Summer 2017 collection “Dear Past Thanks For All The Lessons". Since the launch of her brand just under a year ago Dilara has risen to become one of this year’s breakthrough design talents, known for blending the sensual with the subversive. This season, she explores the body of a woman and it’s cultural representation today and through centuries gone by. 

“Dear Past Thanks For All The Lessons” takes us on a journey from Shakespearian England where the roles of women were theatrically played out on stage by men. With no voice on the stage of their own, their cultural identity was at the whim of the male writers and actors who were free to forge and frame them to their desires. The representation of women in Middle Eastern cultures past and present is another theme explored throughout – the tears of women without independence or power tearing through the garments like screams of sorrow. Inspiration comes from these voices and the lives of these women – none more so than that of Cilem Dogan who was jailed in Turkey for killing her abusive husband after he attempted to sell her into prostitution. 

She was sensationally released, something of a rarity in her native culture where leniency in the law with a male bias is commonplace. The slogan Cilem wore across her chest while being lead the prison becomes the title of this season’s collection - “Dear Past Thanks For All The Lessons”. The lives of these women, their struggle and ongoing fight act as apognant window into the creative process of Dilara Findikoglu – raw and emotive like the garments she creates. This season Dilara Findikoglu has collaborated with My Flash Trash on a selection of charms, seen throughout the collection as embellishments as well as on Flash Trash signature charm bracelets. Additionally Dilara has collaborated on prints with tattoo artist Liam Sparkes and on painted graphics with Hetty Douglas and Sezer Arici.