Happy birthday to Izmenjevalnica

Happy birthday to Izmenjevalnica

  Model: Rok Vrečer
Photo: Marijo Županov

Izmenjevalnica is celebrating their 6th birthday 

Cheers to this amazing project! 

What is Izmenjevalnica?
Born in 2013, Izmenjevalnica is a voluntary project by the Slovenian Red Cross, Regional Association of Ljubljana. The idea for this project first came to be because of a huge increase of second-hand clothing donations to the Red Cross, and because of the lack of diversity when it comes to food packages the Red Cross regularly gives out to people in need.

Izmenjevalnica can, therefore, be thought of as a sort of converter: your visit helps us change one form of donations (i.e. vintage clothes), which is too plentiful, into another form (i.e.food, toiletries, and hygiene products), which is not plentiful enough. By doing so, we are extending the lifespan of many items of clothing, and enriching food packages. 

Thus, we are co-creating an alternative to mass consumption. We are co-creating a sustainable, ecological, and universally accessible platform. Izmenjevalnica is founded on fairness, solidarity, and respect, and based on the principles of reuse, sustainability, and responsibility to both humans and the environment. 

Our events are held regularly. 

You can find us:
  • every third Friday of the month from 4 PM to 8 PM at the Red Cross Ljubljana headquarters at Tržaška 132.
  • every first Saturday of the month from 10 AM to 4 PM at Hostel Tresor at Čopova 38

We often travel elsewhere, too! 

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//The project won the Youth Council of Slovenia award for Best voluntary project by 2016.//