If Serbia spans to Tokio than for sure we have some readers there as well, who have to check Julian's expo this Friday!

“Hey, I like you” (silk flags II) is the second installment in a series of works by Julian Klincewicz that look at the relationship between people and precious objects, as surrogates for human connection. In the second installment of the work (opening April 1st at S.O Gallery, presented by CHAMP Magazine) large Silk flags along side smaller handkerchiefs, both with gold foil text phrases, are used to explore the idea and process through which objects can [and often are implemented to] work as surrogates/substitutes/intermediaries for human relationships and connections, specifically in the context of intimacy and vulnerability. 

The work is also a response to the concept of Irony. Purity and childhood are key themes throughout the body of work. The first iteration of “Hey, I like you” was shown at LUX Institute, in Encinitas California, in October of 2015. 

Julian’s work includes collaborations with Russian photographer/designer Gosha Rubchisnkiy, New York/LA based women’s label ECKHAUS LATTTA, contemporary painter Kelsey Brookes, as well as Rapper/Producer/Designer Kanye West. 

“Hey, I like you” (Silk flags II) Marks Klincewicz’s 4th solo show, and second in Tokyo – Last April Klincewicz presented a multimedia installation/video entitled “YUM” at ROCKET Gallery in Harajuku. 

“HEY, I LIKE YOU” New works by JULIAN KLINCEWICZ At S.O Gallery, presented by CHAMP MAGAZINE April 1st – April 3rd