Trg republike, April 13 to April 16

This year's edition of Ljubljana Fashion Week takes place at Trg republike. From April 13 to April 16, more than 20 designers and brands will showcase their collections for Fall/Winter 2016-17 in various fashion shows. 

This will be Ljubljana Fashion Week's fourth time in Ljubljana's city centre. The event was held at Kongresni trg for the first time last year and now the proceedings are moving to a brand new location - Trg republike. 

''We are really happy that the City Municipality of Ljubljana decided to entrust us with bringing Trg republike to life and showing its potential as a suitable space for such events. The new location and the amount of space that comes with it unlock a variety of new production options which will further improve the experience of presenting new collections – not just for creative industry insiders, buyers, potential investors and media people, but also for the general public. Moving the fashion week events to the city centre last year has proved to be a good decision, since it attracted the interest of the public at large to all things fashion. This way, people get to know the work of local fashion designers or brands and their collections, and we want to keep it this way in the future. The changes have also been embraced by the designers themselves, who decided to partake in this year's fashion week in even larger numbers than last year,'' said Melinda Rebrek, LJFW's executive producer.

This is the list of designers and brands that will present their collections from April 13 to April 16:
Almirasadar (Almira Sadar), Ana Jelinič (Ana Jelinič), Draž (Urška in Tomaž Draž), EBER krznarstvo (Mateja Štimac, Milena Eber Štimac), ERIC MATYASH (Eric Maj Potočnik, Matjaž Plošinjak), Janja Videc (Janja Videc), MAJA FERME fashion (Maja Ferme), maja štamol (Maja Štamol Droljc), Matic Veler (Matic Veler), MiroMisljen (Miro Misljen), MORRO Sartoriale (Tatjana Kalamar Morales), Natasa Persuh (Nataša Peršuh), niOka (Nika Ravnik), Pentlja Concept Store, PRINCIP (Mojca Celin), Sanija Reja Aske (Sanija Reja), Simona Lampe (Simona Lampe), Sofia Nogard (Mija Curk, Boštjan Mljač) in kolektiv Young@Squat (Timotej Bistan, Barbara Krmelj, Maja Leskovšek, Sara Valenci, Barbara Vrbančič). They will also be joined by designers from Serbia and Croatia. 

And finally, students from the Chair of Textile and Fashion Design from the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana will also present their designs at LJFW, which is again sponsored by the City Municipality of Ljubljana. 

The official hashtag of LJFW – Ljubljana Fashion Week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is:


Ljubljana Fashion Week Image video 
Model: Kaja Leban (Immortal Models) 
Styling: Nina Jagodic 
Styling Assistant: Ina Ferlan 
Make up: Ana Lazovski 
Hair: Matjaž Šiška 
Camera & Grade: Aleš Pirec 
Lights: Uroš Vovk 
Studio: Studio Bomba 
Music: Clark - Hide on the Treads 3 
Directors: Mimi Antolović & Den Baruca 
Production: Melinda Rebrek (Zvereene Institute) 
Special thanks to: Urška Končar, Damjan Končar, Ula Furlan