Text: Emma H.
Photo: Mimi Antolović

In two days Ljubljana Fashion Week (LJFW) will open it’s doors. From 20. till 23. November there will be video projections screened at Ribja Brv. Zavod Zvereene that is behind this event is also bringing back LJFW Plac. Plac is located on Mestni Trg 15, where selected pieces from shown collections will be exhibited. Plac will be open between 20. and 23. November, from 10:00h till 21:00h. 

Everyone is invited.

This year eleven designers are participating: Almirasadar (Almira Sadar), Draž (Urška in Tomaž Draž), Matic Veler, N a t a s a H r u p i c (Nataša Hrupič), Sanija Reja Aske, SENS (Zlata Zavašnik), Simona Lampe, Sofia Nogard (Boštjan Mljač, Mija Curk), Tanja Zorn (Tanja Zorn Grželj) ter kolektiv Young@Squat (Barbara Krmelj, Maja Leskovšek, Sara Valenci, Barbara Vrbančič) are all the names involved.

LJFW main goal is to be reachable to everyone that is interested in fashion in that kind of sense. For fall they decided they are going to communicate with the crowd through video projections, but for spring edition of LJFW that will happen in April, exact days are 13.4 - 16.4.2016, shows will be presented live.