The story of Pilius – raincoat for wheelchair users, began a year and a half ago after winning an international creative challenge DESIGN (DIS)ABILITY, aiming at the design of fashion accessory equipment for physically disabled people. This initial success was a reason why Petja Zorec, the designer behind Pilius, decided for the further development of her unique product. 

Pilius was launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in hope that advances in mainstream design will eventually find their way into products for people with disabilities. Pilius, as a first product of Design (Dis)Ability brand, will pave the way for a series of - functionally and aesthetically - pleasing products for different types of disabilities. We want to go beyond universal design by taking a new approach, advocated by a wide range of users, designers, engineering teams, social sciences and humanities.

PILIUS is a unique raincoat for wheelchair users that pays particular attention to contemporary aesthetics and real functionality - providing fast and effective protection against rain and the elements. This exceptional raincoat covers the entire body as well as the wheelchair, without interfering with the wheelchair's manoeuvrability or overall operation.

Pilius fits snugly into a discreet bag with Velcro loops that fit onto the push handles or push bar of any manual wheelchair. On the lower part of the bag are two zippers that open from the middle outwards. With one simple move, the user pulls the sewn-in reflective strap and unfolds the raincoat from the back of the wheelchair.

Pilius is fashioned from a waterproof, windproof and vapour-permeable material made by Schoeller, a Swiss company specialized in high-tech textiles commonly used for sports and active lifestyle applications. The translucent fabric helps create a contemporary, urban look and emphasizes the individual style of the user.

Features like a thoughtfully designed hood, extended and reinforced sleeves, customized strapping options and reflective tape that provides high-visibility, are all designed and constructed to fit the body perfectly, providing real comfort and protection. And a front pocket for smaller, personal items can also be used to stow the raincoat in a small, more compact package.