Dean Gostimirović & Tomaž Šantl
Text: Katja Horvat

This is pure joy! Almir Jusović aka Ali, recently debuted his long anticipated movie SpacedOut, starring: Timi Kovačič, Talja Sušec, Tadej Skrbiš, Dean Gostimirović, Tomaž Šantl, Igor Kragelj and Ali himself. 

The movie was sponsored by Ali’s forever faithful Obsešen

The crew didn’t travel much, apart from Marocco and a bit of Croatia, all magic was filmed on our ground. 
If you didn’t catch the premiere last month, piece by piece clips are coming out, and with not much words needed here is one of our fave parts. 

Dejči and Tomzi killed it. Hi5 guys!