Žiga Murko

Žiga Murko

  Modern Room
Text: Emma H.

Radio Juicy recently presented their last tape for the year 2015 titled "Modern Room". All tracks on the album are produced by Žiga Murko.

Murko is a trombonist, composer, producer, DJ, pianist and more. He studied jazz and likes soul music. He is influenced by: Madlib, Lord Finesse, Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter. He is very holistic and believes in spirits. He likes horror movies and reads philosophical works.

When Versace Lettuce asked him: “You’ve lived in multiple cities and countries and have a background in a wide range of musical styles, including classical, jazz and hip-hop. Given all of your cultural and musical influences, why do you choose to make the style of music you make?”

Murko replied: I could change anytime I feel, but it is almost impossible to be fully free. That's the big challenge.
I usually stick with something that grabs my attention for some time so I can reflect and dig deeper into certain forms and aspects of a style. Always trying to perfect the style.

Modern Room is influenced by blue villas under starry old-world skies and by all sorts of different tunes, from the smooth and mellow rhythms of old jazz parlors to twisted and exotic electronic beats. Murko’s music was born to entrance, to pull you out of the ordinary confines of reality and straight into a world of fluttering electronica birds and blooming palm trees, and from there to red-lit rooms and gorgeous women basking in the haze of cigarette smoke. Just like his music he continues to grow in many different directions, standing at the intersection of many different highways.