Žiga Murko: EVENT

Žiga Murko: EVENT

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Photo: Jean Pierrot

"A tap of your finger on the drum releases all sounds and initiates the new harmony. A step of yours is the conscription of the new men and their marching orders. You look away: the new love! You look back, - the new love!" - A. Rimbaud. 

"Event" is an important artefact in Murko’s work. It’s packed with strong emotions and very selected sounds from diverse analog sources. 

Žiga: “While I was recording this tape I was thinking a lot about my grandfather Janko. He passed away during those months. He was and still is a great inspiration to me because of his constant curiosity and positivity. At that time I was also reading a book by Slavoj Žižek called Event. He says: "An Event can be an occurrence that shatters ordinary life, a radical rupture, the emergence of a new belief, the rise of a new art form, or an intense experience as falling in love. After an Event, nothing remains the same, even if there are no obvious large changes." 

"Event" resonates as a round-up of Murko's production style. The unchanged form of the so-called instrumental "beat tape" and the sounds from vintage gear like cassette tapes and old samplers are still there, but in his words, it is also a breaking point for his new work that will question the established form even more. 

When: 20.04.2016 
Release event: Bikofe (20.04.2016) "Event" will be released in digital and cassette formats on the American label BURNT TAPES.