ARTISTS Q/A: Boris Kralj

ARTISTS Q/A: Boris Kralj

  Text: Katja Horvat
Image: Boris Kralj

Boris Kralj
is a Berlin-based photographer and son of Yugoslav immigrants to Germany. He paid homage to ‘his other city’ Belgrade through a book simply called: My Belgrade. “To me, Boris Kralj’s photography manifests everything that makes Belgrade so appealing—so morbidly fascinating and so dense, built upon countless layers of histories and ideologies.” said Joerg Koch, and we could not agree more. 

All his photography is quite sincere and there is not much pretentiousness going on. From fashion to portrait, landscape… Boris does it all. He has also shot some pretty amazing people, famous and unknown, but let's name-drop just a bit: Hedi Slimane, Karl Lagerfeld, Susan Sarandon, Lady Gaga… 

So just because he has shot all these amazing people and we love celebs, we decided to talk to him. We kid, we kid, he is amazing and we Love Belgrade. 

Please explain yourself
I was born and brought up in a family of Yugoslav guest workers in Germany. I I have studied Photography in Berlin and work at present as a photographer, artist and guest lecturer. 

What did you eat for breakfast? 
I like porridge with fruits and a good coffee. But certainly I would drink a glass of warm water with lemon before ;) 

Do you make money with your profession, or do you have to do something else to support yourself and do all that you do and what we know you from on ‘the side’?
From one well paid job I can sometimes live for weeks. But since I also have to finance my art projects ( or and love to dine and to travel, I sometimes work as a guest lecturer at a private university called AMD (Academy for Fashion and Design) on and off also as a caster... 

What did you want to be growing up? 
I found recently a friend book from my childhood and I had written that I wanted to become a pharmacist or an actor. I was thrilled by the apothecary cabinet and the smell in pharmacies... I also liked to dress and transform into different characters… 

What do you think you will be doing in your 80’s? 
I will stay a mindful and grateful person and will be furthermore surrounded by great and inspiring people. I´d like to stay mentally and physically fit to continue with all the activities which I do now. I wouldn´t mind living somewhere by the sea... if possible not by the North Sea but rather by the Mediterranean. 

Your favorite city? 
My favorite city is Berlin where I am settled in. People here are often grumpy and it can be really trashy here but on the other hand I know so many precious people here who became true friends. Everything seems familiar and Berlin gave me the opportunity to express myself as an artist. I have to admit I also like London´s incredible drive… it has a unique punch! Belgrade is my second home and it is always nice to travel to Tel Aviv and other cities but currently I am happy with my brash Berlin. 

Your favorite word? 

The most obnoxious celebrity? Let’s return sanity to all Royals, VIPs, It-Girls, people with sunglasses in the first row, German B-celebs, intrusive sockers´ wives and kids who are fashion bloggers and to all Donalds & Trumps out there... there are still too many people who need good sense. 

What do you secretly fantasize about? 
Probably about the same things as everybody else 

Your hero? 

My mother who died recently... R.I.P. you great woman! 

Silk or leather? 

Do you believe in love? 
Certainly, it is our strongest power! If only we would receive it more and pass it further to others… 

Do you care about politics? 
I care about our society and our world… there is so much manipulation, corruption and greed out there and too few politicians who can or want (!) to prevent this! 

Current mood? 
I am grounded (I am on the train with my headphones and music, riding through the German countryside while the sun is slowly setting...) 

What eye color do you find sexiest? 
As long as the eyes are sexy I don´t care about the color... 

Your favorite adult as a child? 
It was the old wise lady who lived one floor above my parents’ flat and who taught me so many useful things... 

Most embarrassing moment from your school years? 
I don´t remember anything extraordinary. Others were sometimes more embarrassing than me... at least in my school years ;) 

Pirates or ninjas? Why? 
I do Kung Fu so probably Ninja?! If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get? I like animals, especially birds. My flatmate has an African grey parrot which can speak, swear and burp. Lola is cool! 

What was your favorite cartoon growing up? 
Mort & Phil were crazy and made me crack up. I also like the German horror cartoon Vanessa - Die Freundin der Geister.