Gorsad Kiev is art collective made up of two guys and a girl (Victor, Julian and Maria), and as you probably guessed, they are based in Kiev.

Gorsad always brings sincerity, honesty, truth and a great amount of playfulness to the table. They are portraying a certain culture without having to force it. Extremely vigorous images with a sensibility of the present time are always a hit. Their work is often sexually-charged but showcased in a playful manner. 

They embody Ukraine in all its “glory”, no matter the situation, they always keep everything whimsical and filled with positive-ironic youth attitude. When asked by Dazed what is their favorite emotion they want to stir up with their work, they said: “It's probably not even an emotion. It’s a mood. We want to convey a certain mood and taste of youth. 

The older we are, the more conservative we become and it's very sad. Permissiveness of youth is exactly what heals, even in the most difficult situations.”

Their work has been published in Dazed and Confused, I Love You Mag, Desillusion, Clooch, Vice, Kaltblut…. They‘ve exhibited their work in London, Berlin, Malmo, Kiev… and now their work is coming to Ljubljana.
On 18th December 585 Zines will present us with Gorsad Kiev: Ugly Flowers exhibition, zine release and video projection. An exhibition will be held in Plac Boris, Rog. With this upcoming exhibition 585 Zines that is run by Tadej Vaukman celebrates the first anniversary. 

585 Zines is a collective that focuses on releasing zines from different artists all over the world, with the same mindset. Every zine is usually accompanied with an exhibition of an artist‘s work. 

Zine release + exhibition will take place in Plac Boris on 18.12.2015.