Sound: Matter

Sound: Matter

  Text: Katja Horvat
Photo: Matic Zavodnik

What we have here is a customised boyband. It’s a trio. It’s Kamnik, I mean they are from Kamnik. 

Dario Nožić Serini - Dacho, Luka Lah - Levanael and Matej Tunja – Tunja are Matter

In February they are releasing their first album Anfibios, an album that consists of totally new songs (Meduze will not be on the album so you are in for some new treat). Some of the songs have been played live, but that’s the only life circle they’ve had so far. As mentioned before, Matter is THAT band behind Meduze. Not long ago they also debuted their new song + video called Safari. The video was directed by Matic Zavodnik. Anyways, the thing is, MATTER are cool! If we were in UK or USA right now, they would probably be entitled to the It-Boys title, the only appropriate thing for a boy band, right!?

So in anticipation of hearing their debut album and in the midst of this waiting game, I wanted to hear some music from them, even if not by them… Se here is the playlist they’ve created just for M.